Great news: Obama to focus on the economy again

Via Buzzfeed, here we go again:

WASHINGTON — The White House announced Sunday night that President Obama is set to make a series of fresh economic proposals in speeches over “the next several weeks,” according to an email senior presidential adviser Dan Pfieffer sent to the White House listserv.

Pfieffer’s email hints that Obama’s new economic push will include a lot of tough talk for Republicans.

The first of the speeches will come Wednesday at Knox College in Illinois, site of an economic speech Obama made shortly after taking office a U.S. Senator in 2005. The White House says Wednesday’s speech will be a major one, and will continue the themes Obama laid out eight years ago…

Pfeiffer wrote that Obama’s fresh focus on the economy will lay out the president’s vision for how America gets back to the boom times.

Awesome. It’s great to know the community-organizer-in-chief will refocus his awesome prowess on the economy.  It’s worked so well each of the several dozen times he’s pivoted back to the economy before, right? Maybe this time he’ll try something different like … I don’t know … repealing Obamacare, removing the regulatory stranglehold on domestic energy production, ending his war on coal, implementing real tax reform that encourages productive activity rather than sloth, ending taxpayer support of his green energy cronies, etc., etc.  I wouldn’t count on any of this coming to fruition, though, and for that those economic “boom times” to which Pfeiffer refers will have to wait until another administration.


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