Like Weiner, Eliot Spitzer attempting (political) re-entry

Via the New York Times:

Eliot Spitzer, who resigned as governor of New York five years ago amid a prostitution scandal, is re-entering political life, with a run for the citywide office of comptroller and a wager that voters are ready to look past his previous misconduct.

In a telephone interview on Sunday night, Mr. Spitzer, 54, sounding restless after an unwelcome hiatus from government, said he had re-envisioned the often-overlooked office and yearned to resurrect the kind of aggressive role he played as New York State’s attorney general. He said that after consulting with his family and taking the temperature of the city’s electorate, he believed New Yorkers would be open to his candidacy. “I’m hopeful there will be forgiveness, I am asking for it,” he said.

His re-emergence comes in an era when politicians — like Representative Mark Sanford of South Carolina and the New York mayoral contender Anthony D. Weiner — have shown that public disapproval, especially over sexual misconduct, can be fleeting, and that voters seem receptive to those who seek forgiveness and redemption.

His decision startled the city’s political establishment, which is already unsettled by the rapid rise of Mr. Weiner, who also plunged into a campaign without party elders’ blessing.

New York is one nutty city, and I’m damn glad I don’t live there. In a city with more than eight million people, this is the best they can come up with? Think about it: America’s largest city could be run by Mayor Weiner with Client #9 as comptroller. There has to be a spot somewhere in such a government for Alec Baldwin. I’m thinking Secretary of Anger Management? Or, perhaps, New York’s official liaison officer to the city’s LGBT community. That would go over well, no?

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