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Good morning, it’s the final day of July.

Courtesy of SarahNet:

Rush Limbaugh spoke about the Governor here and here.

John McCain:

I think historians will decide that facts are stubborn things. We were four points down when I chose her and three points up afterwards. She held her own and, some people said, won a debate with the vice president. She did everything I ever wanted. She excited our base in a way I was unable to achieve. And then I watched the shredding and destruction to destroy a good and decent person by the liberal media, beginning with Katie Couric. Not only do I not regret it, but I have probably not seen anyone in American life savaged like she was, particularly by the liberal left.

Here’s the latest Alaskan Senate poll from a Democrat Party pollster.  The sample for the primary poll is probably as favorable for Palin’s opponents as possible and she’s still leading by 10% even with Miller taking 12% of the vote.  As for the general, the percentage of voters who identify as Republicans will be higher.  In 2008, 40% of voters identified as Republicans.  More Alaskans voted for the McCain/Palin ticket than any other Alaskan ticket/candidate in its history.

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