Peter Wehner Is A Very Serious Person

It’s been a few weeks since Peter Wehner last wrote a hit piece on Governor Palin, so he was due.  Well, he didn’t disappoint, with his newest screed today.  I always find it comical that people like Wehner who claim to ignore Governor Palin always find the time to write lengthy posts about her.  Peter’s latest piece is entitled The GOP Is More Serious Than Sarah Palin.  You see, if you have been paying attention to Peter Wehner’s writings lately, especially as they relate to Governor Palin, you should know one thing:

Peter Wehner is a very serious man.  Seriously.  He is a very serious thinker.  He seriously contemplates serious ideas, always in a serious manner.  Upon completion of these very serious ideas that he was seriously contemplating, he seriously reflects on the serious contemplation.  He also seriously discusses these serious  ideas with other serious people, who seriously possess loads of serious gravitas.  Wehner and these other serious people seriously discuss these serious issues in serious forums, which take place in serious venues.  Sometimes they will appear on serious TV shows and serious radio shows in order for their serious ideas on serious issues to reach a larger audience of serious people.  Other times Peter and his other serious colleagues will write serious op-eds to be published in serious newspapers, serious magazines, or serious websites.

Now, once Wehner has seriously written a serious op-ed on a serious topic in a serious publication for serious people to seriously reflect on and seriously contemplate, his serious work has only just seriously begun.  He and his serious colleagues must now seriously convene to discuss these serious issues and come up with serious solutions as to how their serious ideas can be understood by us non-serious people.  Or, better yet, come up with serious ways in which non-serious people just sit down and shut up.  Because only serious people like Peter can understand the serious nuances of serious ideas.

So, Wehner and his serious friends get into their serious cars, wearing their serious clothes,  listening to their serious music, and arrive at a serious restaurant.  Once there, they will order some serious appetizers, maybe a serious bottle of wine, and more serious food.  Over the course of the evening, they will seriously discuss the serious issues they seriously wrote about earlier in the day on the serious TV shows they appeared on, the serious op-eds they penned in the serious publications, and other serious ideas on serious issues and serious topics they may have heard about while at some other serious event attended by serious people.   The last order of the serious dinner gathering will be a serious back and forth on the serious topics they will have to seriously tackle the next day in the most serious of ways.

Just before going to sleep, Peter Wehner takes one more serious moment to seriously reflect on the serious contemplation of the serious issues he seriously wrote about in all of the serious forums on this most serious day.  He can now rest easy, in a serious way, of course, that his seriousness is the saving grace for all of us non-serious people.

Was this serious enough for you, Peter?

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