RS McCain: By God, @SarahPalinUSA Is Right!

By now most of you know about the tussle we got into with the Frat Boys over at Red State regarding a highly demeaning and fake picture of Gov. Sarah Palin. Thanks must go out to you guys who helped spread the word about that juvenile behavior. Our compadres in the blogosphere lent their voices to the issue as well. Many thanks to Dan Riehl, Jen Kuznicki, Tony Lee, and Michelle Malkin for having a fellow fighter’s back. Add RS McCain to the thank you list as well.

What the aforementioned bloggers also pointed out is that what happened at Red State highlighted a bigger issue going on within the Republican Party. Namely, this recent betrayal by the GOP to help force through a convoluted and pork laden bill designed to curry favor with a segment of the population at the expense of the American worker: The Gang of 8 immigration bill. Even Allahpundit, a noted Eeyore, has talked about this issue being a red line for many people.  If the GOP House doesn’t stop this bill, then really, what is the point of keeping the Republican Party propped up if it has more or less become the shorter sister of the Democrat Party?

Gov. Palin has received push back from the usual suspects over her various Facebook notes and statements on the Gang’s bill and the ramifications for the Republican Party. But RS McCain asks the pressing question: “Is Palin right?” 

Not only is she right to oppose this amnesty sellout, but the resentment toward GOP leadership she expresses touches on key aspects of a criticism that the most astute minds in the conservative movement have been making for many, many years.


What happens when a successful but relatively obscure Republican with no previous exposure to high-stakes national politics is suddenly thrust into the spotlight — and finds herself surrounded by the sort of vicious backstabbing crapweasels who were running John McCain’s campaign?

Seriously: If Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace are the future of the Republican Party, we are doomed beyond all hope of redemption.

Criticize Palin however you will — say she was “not ready for prime time,” call her a “bomb thrower,” accuse her of greed or excessive vanity, impugn her temperament, whatever — but you must understand this: Sarah Palin is not what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

And while I do not mean to endorse a third-party effort in 2016, Governor Palin has put her finger directly on a key problem for conservatives, namely that such leaders of the Republican Party as have joined The Gang of Eight Liars are betraying the people who elected them with the belief that those voters have no alternative.

Controlling the party apparatus and able to hire plenty of “conservative intellectuals” to endorse their betrayal as essential to the future success of the GOP, these Republicans proceed on the assumption that conservative voters are so lacking in devotion to principle that they will always vote Republican no matter what.

Governor Palin can’t say this, but I can: F–k you, “Republican leaders.”

And while we’re at it, f–k anybody who says we should roll over and accept this kind of phony “conservative” bulls–t as inevitable.

No, by God, I say we fight these bastards with everything we’ve got.

Fight them until Hell freezes over, and then fight them on the ice.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, a fine occasion to declare our independence from these vicious backstabbing crapweasels.

If Governor Palin is willing to help lead this fight — inside the GOP so long as there is hope, but outside the GOP if we must — then I say,“Patriots! We must conquer here or die! Rally on the Alaskan!”


Please read the full piece here. It’s a heck of a rallying cry. And you’ll notice that RS McCain had no problem finding an appropriate photo to accompany his post. cc: Red State.

The people most invested in seeing the GOP maintain its status as the only game in town know why Gov. Palin is such a problem for them. The nastygrams the Kathleen Parkers of the Beltway send out and the snickering in green rooms and cocktail parties in the 202 area code might make the faux intellectuals feel better, but the guys and gals who really move the dials within the party know that’s not enough. When people see that after 5 years of constant beatings to get someone to admit that 2 + 2 = 5 and that person repeatedly replies through busted lips not only a “No,” but a “Hell, No!” that gets their attention. That’s what starts to move the public. In some countries, that’s how revolutions get started. And that is what unnerves the GOP™. That one day, the public is going to move on them and tell them not just “No,” but “Hell, no!”

Are we there yet? I don’t know. I do know we’re closer to it than we’ve ever been before. It’s up to us to decide how much closer we want to get.



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