Small Business Owner: Obamacare forced me to close my restaurants

Via The Right Scoop, CiCi’s Pizza franchise owner Bob Westford was on Great Van Susteren’s show last night and explained in detail how much Obamacare would have cost him and why it forced him to liquidate his restaurants prior to its implementation. Westford also explains why Obama’s extra-legal decision to unilaterally delay the employer mandate would have made no difference in his long-term planning. Obamacare would cost him an additional $221,000 in taxes which would have been $78,000 more than the profits of his combined three restaurants, making his decision to close a no-brainer.  Of course if there was anyone in the Obama Administration who understood how and why private sector jobs are created, they’d understand this. This ignorance was “belied” by Jay Carney’s absurd claim last week that Obamacare wasn’t impacting full-time employment. Yes it is, Jay. Click the image below to watch.


(h/t Jedediah Bila)

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