The Atlantic Wire’s Attacks on Governor Palin are Getting Sloppy

Connor Simspon at The Atlantic Wire visited the lost-and-found bin of lamestream narratives recently.  As such, he just couldn’t resist trying to breathe new life into the drummed-up controversy that ridiculously attempted to portray Governor Palin as a diva who went on endless shopping sprees for expensive clothes during the 2008 campaign.

His delivery is a bit sloppy.  He headlines the article: “Bob McDonnell’s Wife Takes a Cue from Sarah Palin” which indicates that the article to follow would include depth to describe this parallel he’s claiming is so obvious.  Nope.  He only mentions Governor Palin in one sentence out of many paragraphs.

At first, he incorrectly claims that Bob McDonnell was running for reelection.  Since a reader in the comments section called out the error, a correction has been posted.

Second, the charges against McDonnell are serious and this is only one facet of them. He and his wife allegedly used campaign funds to make purchases for her wardrobe.  According to the article, a lot of this happened after they won the election and Mrs. McDonnell was asking for a First-Lady-Style makeover.

Using PAC or campaign funds for personal glory is certainly something that would make one stop and question one’s character who engages in it.  The only problem is, none of it has anything to do with Governor Palin.

Just like banning Governor Palin from speaking the truth about Obama during the 2008 campaign, her less-than-capable campaign staff were the ones who completely dressed up and attempted to make over her entire family.  Later towards the end of the campaign when those same members of McCain’s staff were packing their own parachutes, they sold the campaign’s most valuable asset out by changing the facts around more than just a little bit.

As noted in this video put out back in 2009, the facts spoke for themselves when it was learned that Governor Palin was the one actually concerned about the expenses and how certain staffers had to cut the price tags off of items to keep them from her:

But as showcased by his false reporting of McDonnell running for reelection, Simpson is sloppy on facts when he has an attempted hit piece to dredge up on someone who’s sure to drive web traffic.

I guess we should at least be grateful that The Atlantic Wire’s regular readers finally have the opportunity to see what a phony scandal really looks like.

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