The Left and Right Unite to Continue Previously-Debunked Narrative

Governor Palin’s statement over the weekend encouraged people to think twice about the parties they were involved with.  This is great for America because like she said at CPAC, the people across the aisle aren’t our enemies.  They’re our brothers and our sisters.

The headlines produced a lot of grassroots commentary.  With such sentiments vastly supported by grassroots Americans, her praises were sung by many.  The comments over at this article show how the poor Palin-deranged haters could not keep up (or drown out) the momentum even with their greatest efforts.

On Saturday, I discussed a narrative that was being passed along by some members of the Republican Party – one that suggested that Governor Palin’s words from 2008 somehow meant that she’d have supported the Rubio-McCain-Schumer-Obama amnesty disaster.

After explaining that Governor Palin has consistently been opposed to amnesty as she specifically said in 2008, I also pointed out that since 2008, she’s continued to demand that we first secure our borders before doing anything.

Further, as we also know, this current bill is loaded with pork, special favors, and more politics as usual (like exempting illegals from Obamacare which the rest of us are stuck with).  Taking part in such a thing is simply something that Governor Palin’s actual record of reform completely defies.

Nevertheless, the left is now jumping on board, too, to which I’d simply direct them to the same post where a certain tool from the right that I took issue with actually threatened legal action against myself for.

What the behavior of these “usual suspects” proves is the truth behind Governor Palin’s words with regard to party loyalty.  By jumping on a similar bandwagon, they both prove that party loyalty is crap.  Surely, if folks from the left and right can unite to engage in the same diversionary games, Americans can also unite to remind them that being total #assclowns has nothing to do with which party-establishment you’re trying to cheer for.

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