The Stupid Party

Guest Submission by Ory Hebert:

News from The Hill that Speaker Boehner, along with Rep. Ryan, was originally pushing for the passage of a version of the Senate’s immigration bill in a closed-door meeting should not be a shock to us at this point.  But I gotta admit that I lulled myself into thinking that this immigration bill would be DOA upon entering the House—the People’s House.

But alas our fearless leader is already working behind the scenes to get this monstrosity passed because…uh…Hispanics! Or something.

It’s like a bad joke.  They truly think that new amnesty at the hand of the GOP equals a landslide electoral victory in the upcoming midterms and in 2016.  Just like after 1986!  Perfect!  And they think their constituents (US!) are just too stupid to understand this flawless logic.

Of course we know that they have the equation completely 100% bass ackwards.  Passage of any version of this bill that puts amnesty before border security will do nothing but further damage the Stupid Party.

And remind me again how gifted Paul Ryan is with numbers.  He has regrettably become yet another water carrying partisan hack in a long line of water carrying partisan hacks.  The discussion (as is the case with virtually every national issue these days) should not go any further than this:  We are 17 trillion dollars in debt.  We simply cannot afford to pay entitlements for an additional 12 million citizens.  Scratch that.  We can’t even afford to pay entitlements to our existing citizens.  Even if you still buy into the GOPe rhetoric that this guy is some sort of Good Will Hunting type math whiz, he’s still not a sorcerer, people.

Allow me to share the funniest excerpt from the article (emphasis mine).

“”I feel very good. I feel we are in very good position to do it the right way. We don’t want to rush anything,” he said before diving into a crowded elevator.”

Could there not be a more appropriate metaphor for our situation with our alleged leaders than Ryan literally jumping into a plummeting elevator as he spewed this nonsense?  Why do these dudes have to make it so difficult to be a Republican?

A fair warning to temporary Speaker Boehner, temporary House budget chief Ryan, and any others who are considering acting without the consent of the governed:  You’re on our list.

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