“The White House doesn’t see a path” to passing the Obama-Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill in the House

Via Daniel Halper, this was an amazing admission by Obama cheerleader Chuck Todd on today’s Meet the Press:

“The White House, they had been so confident they were going to sign immigration reform this year, for the first time I’m hearing that there is some doubt seeping in, that they think maybe the House won’t act. What they need is, they need something to sort of force Boehner like at the last minute bring it to the floor the same way the fiscal cliff deal happened. The problem is there is no trigger at the end of the year, there isn’t the end of this Congress there isn’t this. So I don’t know how this happens at the end of this year and suddenly now the White House doesn’t see a path,” said Todd.

As Todd notes, Obama was pretty sure he’d be able to roll Boehner again as he did on the fiscal-cliff last December. But as suspicious as I am of Boehner and his love of making deals with Obama, I think he values his Speakership more.  If he caves on this, the revolt among House conservatives may well be enough to depose him and he knows it. I doubt Obama will give up this easily, though, since an amnesty victory would give him a three-fold victory. First, he’ll have some legislative “accomplishment” to point to other than Obamacare.  Second, passage of the amnesty bill would weaken conservative resolve going onto the 2014 mid-terms and minimize the chances of an active and engaged Tea Party circa 2010.  And finally, anything to take the focus off the Obamacare crackup and his administrations myriad scandals is helpful to him politically. If amnesty fails, this is all off the table

The other noteworthy element of today’s Meet the Press was the makeup of the “round table”. In his studio, David Gregory surrounded himself with Eugene Robinson, Andrea Mitchell, E.J. Dionne, and David Brooks.  (Brooks, apparently, is what passes for a conservative at NBC). During the round table, the five liberals (yes, Brooks is a liberal) interviewed Raul Labrador from a remote location and basically excoriated him for opposing amnesty. Am I the only one who misses the Meet the Press of Tim Russert? To be sure, Russert was a liberal, but he always went out of his way to be fair — not only with his questions but in the selection of his round table guests. David Gregory’s version of Meet the Press is indistinguishable from the unwatchable Morning Joe. I’ve never seen a show fall so far so fast.  Gregory is easily the worst of the five Sunday talk show hosts, and that’s saying something.

I’ll close with two videos.  The first is of Chuck Todd lamenting the fact that Obama no longer sees a path to amnesty in the House.  The second, via Katrina Trinko, is a brief snippet of the Meet the Press liberals led, naturally, by the effete David Brooks, attacking and ridiculing Labrador for his principled opposition to the Obama-Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill.


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