Twitchy Weighs in on RedState’s Photo-shopped Image of Governor Palin

I’m proud of my fellow bloggers, Stacy Drake and Michelle McCormick.

Despite dealing with the leftist-like attacks hurled at them from RedState, they held strong.  Don’t mess with these ladies!

And I am proud for all of you standing up for truth against an obvious cheap shot you knew was wrong.

RedState’s photo shopped photo of Governor Palin remains up, despite the numerous polite attempts made by many to change it.

Now, Twitchy weighs in:

Some readers viewed the picture as sexist and demeaning — and the last thing conservative women need from their own side. But there’s an even bigger problem with the photo: It isn’t real.

In an excellent blog post, Stacy Drake notes that the image in question was taken from The Fiscal Times, a left-wing site. And The Fiscal Times’ photo was a hatchet job.

Monday evening, RedState editor-in-chief Erick Erickson took to Twitter to deny that the image had been photo shopped. He subsequently deleted the tweet, but not before Stacy Drake captured a screencap.

Erickson’s colleague Ben Howe, a RedState contributing editor, also appeared to vouch for the photo’s authenticity.

After it became clear that the photo was fake, Howe lashed out at Sarah Palin’s defenders, calling them “insane,” “perpetually offended” “cultists.”

See much more here.

Lesson learned: Standards matter.  Truth does, too.  When you have them on your side, you have nothing to worry about.

I thank the Twitchy team and of course, Michelle Malkin who maintains the highest standards of integrity to this day, as she always has.  Also, thanks to all of you, too.  Without your voices, it’d be impossible to call them out when they treat fellow conservatives in such a way.

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