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As we gather with our friends and family today to celebrate The Fourth of July, many Americans will notice that something does not feel right in our country. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong.

Is our country fundamentally transforming right before our very eyes?

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It doesn’t have to.

Our founding mothers and fathers left us with a sacred vision and framework for America’s foundation. These sacred structures are still alive. They continue to live inside each and every concerned American. We are all united by the universal pursuit of Liberty. It may be hard to point out these days, but the natural desire for freedom continues to live within us.

America’s founding mothers and fathers were leaders. So are we. Each and every one of us is a leader. Leadership lives within us just as leadership lived within our founders. Our founders burning desire for a country where man was free to rule himself drove their leadership the same as it drives us today. American Leadership is an inherent, permanent, and inseparable component that lives on today inside of every concerned American.

Even though today’s challenges are causing dismay and turmoil, let’s use this Independence Day to remember that historically America always overcomes our foes through the confidence, the certainty, and the idealism of: New Leadership.

Today we celebrate the birth of America. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence entrusted to us. We celebrate the self-evident truths within the document that are the core of our heritage.

As Leaders, let’s remember these self-evident truths as we fight to restore America.

We are the New American Leadership: Let’s make America feel right again.

Our work continues.

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