You’re Shooting Blanks, Karl Rove

Rove opposes Sen. Mike Lee’s plan because:

Rove: It gives the president the bully pulpit and a gigantic stick on which to beat us because all he has to do is say, ‘look this law was passed, it’s on the books, I’m going to veto your continuing resolution that doesn’t fund Obamacare and it’s on you for shutting down the gov’t.’

Hannity: But it’d be on him…

Rove: No, it wouldn’t. He would turn this around just like Bill Clinton turned it around on us, I’d rather make him continue to be the guy who’s trying to ask for more spending and keep the spending flat…


Rove again laid out the same rationale against defunding last night on Hannity:

 Rove: [The President] is laying the predicate to blame us and the media with go along with it…


Karl Rove argues that his disagreement with Tea Partiers over efforts to defund Obamacare is really one of tactics, but his big bullet point is that he doesn’t want the GOP to be demonized by President Obama, the Democrats and their media allies and get blamed for any government shut down. To which I respond:



Rove reminds viewers that Republicans were blamed for the 1991 shutdown (Republican President) and for 1995 shutdown (Democrat President). You see a pattern? Republicans will be blamed–period. That’s the game here, and the Democrats count on that fear to keep Republicans from opposing these awful spending bills and in this case with Obamacare, laws. Republicans in turn count on conservatives being cowed into silence for fear of losing elections. The end result is that elections still get lost and spending still goes up. What’s the point?

Cruz: “I’m no military historian, but I’m pretty certain that you lose 100% of the battles you begin by surrendering.”



Palin: “If you’re going to go down, at least go down swinging. Don’t vacillate and capitulate to Obama and the media thinking that they’re going to come around and like you after all for being on their side of this issue…”


Rove is waving around the same gun he used in 2010 and 2012 to scare conservatives into standing down. Don’t fall for it. Remember, the Tea Party won in 2010 despite the Republican Party. The Tea Party survived in 2012 in defiance of the Republican Party and if Cruz and Palin are any indication: in 2014, the Tea Party will refudiate the Republican Party.



Karl Rove is shooting blanks, Conservatives. Time to rush him.

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