Governor Palin Congratulates ‘Dance to Bristol’ and Will be on Greta Tonight, Updated: VIDEO from SarahNET

Governor Palin Via Facebook:

Congratulations to Dance to Bristol for winning the Ballerina Stakes today! This amazing horse is on a great winning streak. It’s wonderful to have something more fun to write about at a time when so many troubling things are in the news. I’ll be on Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight on Fox at 10pm ET to discuss the government official in charge of “hoarding” guns and the millions of rounds of ammo for DHS who happens to be the operator of a hate website advocating the murder of fellow Americans. Unflippingbelievable.

But in the meantime, here are some articles about Dance to Bristol.

The articles Governor Palin mentions can be found here and here.

Dance to Bristol



Thanks to our friends at SarahNET for their quick work at getting the video up.



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