Governor Palin: Lake Powell

Gov. Palin via Facebook:

The whole country needs to get outside and experience the amazements God created for us to enjoy. Lake Powell on the Utah and Arizona border is so gloriously beautiful and fun and fresh. It’s like this undiscovered oasis of all-Americana enjoyment. It’s really “bucket list” worthy. It’s encouraging and inspiring to see this awesome example of God’s green earth mixed with mankind’s responsible utilization of the area’s natural resources, including coal and natural gas developments, aqua dams, and family footprints all gently trod within this historic site. Built decades ago, Lake Powell proves how big and bold America was when explorers were not stymied by the timidity of naysayers too afraid to trust commitments to responsible natural resource development and conservation. May we be so bold again. A special thanks to the folks at Lake Powell Resorts at Wahweap Marina. They treated my family so kindly and were so accommodating. (Pictures forthcoming!)

More picture here

Note: Since the temp in North Texas is hovering around Fourth Circle of Hell-I’m 90% sure I’m diving into pjs and eating ice cream on my couch once I get home. Although this lovely Facebook post has failed to motivate me to get outside, please know that I am appropriately shamed, and I hope you all have stronger will power than I and do as the Gov. suggests.

That is all.

Braum’s Cookies and Cream. In case anyone cares.

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