Governor Palin: “Rubbing the Back of Obama”…



Via Governor Palin’s Facebook Page: “Rubbing the Back of Obama“…

Media: Your rubbing shoulders with, er, rubbing the back of, Barack Obama may get you access to ask hard-hitting questions like the status of steroids in pro ball (you know that’s coming next, while the rest of America notes the real State of the Union and we offer this reply to politicians’ take on recent baseball “scandals”: Who cares?!), but you still squander opportunities to do a respectable job asking the President what needs to be asked. You continue to embarrass yourself. See the article below:


Follow the link to Townhall’s Shawn Mitchell’s piece: “More Questions ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-PBS-NPR-AP-NYT-LAT Won’t Ask”

TO: All the Better National Reporters

FROM:  The Coach.

SUBJECT: The Appearance of Credibility.

Listen people, you’re doing great work. Our guy’s holding up very well considering how rough the economy is. No jobs, sky high dependency. Best part: people don’t blame him. They think he’s an innocent bystander rather than president for the last five years. We’re getting it done!

But one thing…maybe we gotta be careful not to show quite so much pompom and drool. Jackie Calmes and Michael Shear from the Times had a great sit down with the president. And who among us wouldn’t want to rub those shoulders and neck for 5,000 words? Am I right?


Read the entire piece here


“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

-George Orwell


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