Haters To Go Down Kicking and Screaming

After Bill Kristol advised over the weekend that Governor Palin “rehabilitate” herself by making a Senate run in 2014, I responded:

“Rehabilitate” isn’t exactly the term one would use when thinking of Sarah Palin’s contribution to conservatism. In fact, as proven in election after election, the only folks who seem to need rehabilitating are some of the experts in the GOP.  Despite their criticism, the former Alaska governor has made great strides in reshaping the House and Senate.  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, and Deb Fischer are just a few she helped across the finish line.

So it’s absurd to claim that Palin needs to seek any kind of rehabilitation from the party.  To the contrary, the GOP should be sucking up to her.

It’s always amazes me when experts who have virtually no record at all of effectively getting conservatives elected for the party seem to be the first to offer out advice to those who have — like Governor Palin.

What’s happening here is much greater.  They know she’s having an impact with the help of people who support her (which is why the media has moved on to harassing you).  They also know that her greatest impacts have yet to be revealed.  As such, they don’t want to be in the position of having to admit that it was her principles and guts that did it.  They’d rather claim that she “rehabilitated” herself under their tutelage before giving her the credit she deserves.

Even worse, in response to Kristol’s comments, Jennifer Rubin said the following:

A rehabilitation run for the Senate for Sarah Palin. No. Please. She’s not interested in serious politics (we trust), and the party doesn’t need a three-ring circus to put Alaska out of reach. Moreover, is Palin capable of some contribution or in possession of some quality that the country and the GOP pine to have?

Right.  I guess reshaping the House and Senate over the course of the last two election cycles doesn’t qualify as “serious politics.”  And just what kind of “contribution” or “quality” does Jennifer Rubin have that the GOP pines to have aside from her stellar crush on Chris Christie?

Not much.  In fact, after Rubin’s last attack on Governor Palin, which Stacy handled very well, Mark Levin tweeted in response to Rubin:

Former Hollywood Democrat attorney and current phony conservative Jennifer Rubin promoting liberal Christie and trashing tea party senators.

Moving forward, as Kristol doubled down on his idea Tuesday morning on Morning Joe, another favorite of ours, Nicolle Wallace, said “absolutely” in response to Scarborough’s question of whether or not she’d be willing to run Governor Palin’s would-be Senate campaign.  In a later interview, Wallace went on to borrow Governor Palin’s thoughts about Obama’s “hope and change.”

Here’s the Governor’s version from a few years back:

Even Noam Chomsky said “she [Gov. Palin] was right” about the “hopey changey stuff” as he reflected on Obama’s lacking accomplishments.  Although, he made sure to preface his admission by saying he doesn’t like having to agree with her.

It’s simply amazing.  Practically every aspect of the political world finally wants to give credit to Governor Palin after most of her predictions have come true, but only if they can simultaneously insult her or preface their remarks by saying they don’t agree.

Then they suggest she run for public office, just as long as it’s understood that they’re “rehabilitating” her as opposed to the truth: she’d be rehabilitating the party which is dying at the hands of its supposed experts.

Then again, it could be a final grasp at what little life they have left before they finally fade away kicking and screaming.

But so long as they keep on hating, we can continue to turn their nonsensical lemons into our own lemonade.

When haters attack, support your favorite PAC!


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