Howard Dean may throw his hat in the ring

Via the Washington Times:

With a visit to Iowa on  Wednesday and New  Hampshire next month,  former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is  fueling  speculation that he’ll mount a second run for president in 2016.

Mr. Dean, also the former chairman of the  Democratic National  Committee and  a liberal favorite, will address a labor group in Altoona,  Iowa, on Wednesday morning,  the Associated Press reported. On Sept.  23,  Mr. Dean is scheduled to  speak at St. Anselm College’s New Hampshire  Institute of  Politics in Goffstown, N.H. The speech will be titled  “Health Care in the  Private Sector — Reform Is Still Possible,”  according to New Hampshire’s  WMUR-TV.

Dean’s 2004 run was fueled by the same set of low-information voters which eventually went to Obama four years later. He may have alienated them by recently agreeing with Governor Palin on Obamacare’s death panels, though. Dean, however, insists “at this point” he’s supporting Bill Clinton’s wife in 2016.

“At this point, I’m supporting Hillary Clinton,” the former governor of Vermont told The Des Moines Register Wednesday in an interview in Idaho.

Plenty of wiggle room there.  Personally, I hope he goes for it. Between him, Biden, and the Clintons, 2016 will offer plenty of fodder for us bloggers. Maybe not quite rising to the Weiner/Client #9 spectacle currently unfolding in New York, but close. And if we’re lucky, we’ll have more moments like this:


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