Joseph Curl | Obama’s hunt for a legacy — the politics of division

Yes, he did promise to be the great savior of America (he even pledged that the sea levels would drop under his leadership, remember?), but that was before “They” rose up to fight his every valiant effort to save the nation. And this week, the president of the United States rode out of into the hinterland to declare war on “Them.”

Who are “They”? Well, us — Americans. Some, even, who voted for Mr. Obama, but, mostly, those who didn’t. And don’t fool yourself: In the president’s world, if you’re not with him, then you’re an enemy to be struck down where you stand. America be damned — it’s Us or Them. And for Democrats, the ends always justify the means, no matter how divisive, how destructive.

More precisely, in Obamaland, it is “America” that is to blame. The Land of the Free, where hard work means success, a better life — better, at least, than those who have not worked as hard, sacrificed as much, to rise up, sometimes over generations of back-breaking labor — does not make sense to the community organizer from Chicago. He sees only two groups, the Haves and the Have-Nots, and he has one simple explanation for the world as it is: The Haves stole from the Have-Nots, robbed them of their rightful fortunes.

To the president, health care is a birthright. An education at an excellent college? A birthright. A job with an always increasing salary, a long and steady career? Birthrights. A wonderful home? Birthright. An early retirement in luxury? Birthright. All 300 million Americans have all that and more as their God-given birthright, says the president. Who will pay? “They” will.

Now, “They” are, of course, “We” — Americans. In fact, “They” are the very ones living the American dream Mr. Obama alludes to when he cites “the engine of our economy” — those middle-class Americans working hard, rising up, earning their way, striving for better, maybe even that once-vaunted but now vilified “1 percent.”


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