Mary Katharine Ham on Fannie/Freddie: When Palin Said it, the Media Cried ‘Gaffe!’, Update: Gov. Palin Weighs In

Yes, the media love their “gaffe” narratives where Governor Palin is concerned, don’t they?

Mary Katharine Ham has a great post up over at Hot Air  and demonstrates that what President Obama says today on taxpayers’ money and how it pertains to Fannie and Freddie is pretty close to what Governor Palin was accused of gaffing about back in 2008.

First off, I welcome President Barack Obama’s call to shutter mortgage giants (and giant pains in the public arse) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Many conservatives and libertarians have been beating that drum since 2008 and before, back when Obama was voting present on regulation of Fannie/Freddie and taking more in donations from them than all but one lawmaker.


I also welcome the inevitable change of heart from the press and fact-checkers who called this exact sentiment a “gaffe” when newly named vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said it in 2008. Here’s Palin in Colorado Springs in September of 2008.

Ham goes on to quote many news sources at the time that took issue with what Governor Palin said.  They tried making the argument about something it wasn’t as Ham explains:

Yes, it was technically true that these government-sponsored entities were not run with taxpayer money, though they were started and chartered by Congress, but that was a polite fiction smashed by the $180 billion bailout the entities necessitated (and have since paid portions back). The reason they were allowed to get out of control was because they had understood backing from the United States government. They would never have otherwise been able to become as big and risky in their practices as they did, and everyone concedes that. Palin called them, quite accurately, “lending agencies that our government supports,” and suggested a plan of action less ambitious than the one Obama pitched today, five years later. One imagines she would have been called both dumb and extreme for saying exactly what Obama said today.


Hey, if only he’d known what Sarah Palin knew then.

There’s a lot more here plus a great archived video from 2008.

Update by Steve:

Governor Palin took to social media to tweet the article mentioned above at Hot Air along with a fair question to the media:





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