Michelle Malkin: More Selective Gaffe-Rage from Our Anti-Palin Media

Governor Palin has to be feeling pretty good nowadays, and she deserves it.  The lamestream media has attempted to tear her down over and over again by creating actual phony scandals about her or making a mountains out of molehills about innocent slips like the one regarding North (and South) Korea.  Well, now they’re in the position to pay up in dishing out to Obama what they dished out to Governor Palin before their credibility sinks any further — especially with things that matter (like this and this) in her corner.

Yet, even though the shoe is on the other foot, they’re looking the other way.

Yes, President Obama a while back referred to Hawaii as “Asia” and now he’s at it again referring to ports “in the Gulf” out of Jacksonville, Savannah, and Charleston.

Via Twitchy:

Geography is hard. So very hard.

When President Obama talked about slowing the rise of the oceans, we didn’t think he’d just do away with the Atlantic. But during the celebrity president’s Tuesday night appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” he relocated Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville to the Gulf. We’re assuming that’s the Gulf of Mexico, but who knows?

They share the following tweet:

They have so much more here, check it out!

Remember a couple years back when the media created a bunch of malarkey about Governor Palin’s innocent slip on North (and South) Korea (even when it was instantly corrected)?

Michelle Malkin does:


Thanks to Michelle Malkin for using her amazing platform to hit back.  It really goes without saying, but the media has forever blown everything Governor Palin has said out of proportion and even have done their part in trying to make hay out of a few of their conjured up phony scandals, too.

Meanwhile they “stall game” Obama’s very real scandals and ignore his massively embarrassing blunders.

Apparently, AP Stands for Anti-Palin.

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