More Selective Outrage over PAC Spending

Prominent conservative Rush Limbaugh spoke with Greta Van Susteren two nights ago.  He pointed out the “fearless” qualities of Governor Palin and spoke of the GOP’s need to adopt folks like her and Ted Cruz who are led by the “courage of their convictions.” Obviously Rush knows that if the GOP continues its war on conservatives, a third party will eventually surface. It could in turn hand us many more years of Democrat rule.

That’s why it’s no surprise to me that the next day Governor Palin’s PAC and its accompanying spending was dissected by the lamestream media like no other.

Even worse, some in the GOP with titles just couldn’t resist chiming in:

We shouldn’t be surprised. This happened months ago when Governor Palin’s PAC-spending was selectively called into question. Some of the cool kids at the frat house put on their best cranky faces trying to appease selective liberal narratives. Their claim was that Governor Palin’s PAC didn’t give enough money to candidates. That flew for about 20 seconds until Stacy came out with a few facts.

As her article pointed out, Governor Palin’s PAC in 2012 donated to more than 40 House candidates and to 10 Senate candidates.

In comparison, Marco Rubio’s Reclaim America PAC gave to four Senate races. That’s it.

So now that the first six months of 2013 have come to a close, the same mainstream media are back to selectively attack; and instead of figuring out why the media just cannot leave her alone and learning how to use it to their advantage as GOP activists, some defeat the purpose by jumping on the bandwagon instead.

First, they complain that she only sent donations to one candidate in the first six months of 2013. Yet, there were virtually no races in the first six months of 2013 with the exception of Jason Smith’s special election in Missouri which SarahPAC sent $5,000 to. Reclaim America (Rubio’s PAC) didn’t send a dime to any candidate at all even though they spent over $900K including a couple bucks to the National Republican Senate Committee and others. Most of their money (almost $880K — or roughly 92% of their payouts) was spent on general PAC expenses including consulting/marketing, promotional items,travel, and postage.

Standouts include one payout for $83K for web advertising. Another is one payout for $47K for promotional water bottles.

When I pointed this out to Mr. Whitman, he snapped back at me:

Ah, but that’s the thing. What Stacy pointed out back then, I will reiterate. I am not here to jump on the lamestream media’s narrative to bash Marco Rubio’s PAC’s efforts. However, if Republicans like Whitman are going to do it in the case of Governor Palin, then surely they can see the indirect (but very real) harm they do to any Political Action Committee that has donated much less to candidates than she has.

Just like with D.C. politics itself, PAC’s need leaders that are led by “the courage of their convictions” – as Rush Limbaugh described Governor Palin as possessing when he spoke of the GOP’s overall future and its brightest stars. Therefore, it was a little revealing when Whitman attacked Governor Palin’s CPAC-2013 comment over consultants:

She didn’t “decry” all consultants. She described a D.C. environment that included campaigns and politicians being led by consultants and focus groups. One can use strategic consulting but it doesn’t do any good if the “strategy” bends their convictions. As we know, this has never been the case with Governor Palin.  She leads her consultants, not the other way around and it perhaps more explains the ire she draws from those on both sides resulting in senseless attacks like this.

It’s disappointing that Mr. Whitman; who serves as “Comms Director” for the Young Republican National Federation has purposely taken the Governor’s words out of context to justify buying into a lamestream narrative about her in lieu of just apologizing and moving on when confronted about it.  As such, this attack can now be used against any conservative since he’s used his platform to nurture it.

What this sadly indicates is that the GOP may have a long way to go before it gets back on that bold path to victory Limbaugh and others seem to be hoping for.

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