Time for Another C4P Money Bomb for SarahPAC!

Yesterday, the Daily Beast disgraced their stated profession by engaging in a harassment campaign against SarahPAC donors. As Steve pointed out:

Since practically every other attempt made by the lamestream media to trash Governor Palin’s character has failed, the usual “reporters” over at the Daily Beast are now imposing their Palin-derangement on private individuals who have donated to SarahPAC — and they’ve done so with no good cause whatsoever.

The fact that they stooped this low is practically the only thing different about the obvious smear piece by Ben Jacobs when it is compared to what John Avlon already did months ago.

The reason the Daily Beast engaged in this behavior during an electoral off-season was obvious. They did it to hurt Governor Palin’s fundraising capabilities for the upcoming 2014 election cycle, and to intimidate those of us who actually donate to SarahPAC. This, like every other low tactic that the left and the GOPe machine have used to diminish commonsense conservative electoral success, will fail.

See, we can’t be intimidated and we aren’t gullible enough to believe the over-the-top snark spewed by some left-wing “reporter” to suggest that SarahPAC is engaging in “fraud.” No other PAC is scrutinized and demonized in the same manner that SarahPAC is. What does that tell you? It tells me that Governor Palin still has all of the right enemies and that they will do whatever to try and take her down, and her effort to break up the permanent political class in D.C. along with it. It’s not going to work!

In an act of defiance, we here at C4P are promoting a weekend-long money bomb for SarahPAC. Please go here to donate what you can, and show these disingenuous hacks (and their buddies in the GOPe) what we’re all about.


And by the way, to those of you who were harassed by this so-called “journalist,” please know that you didn’t do anything wrong. None of you gave this creep the answer he was looking for. And how were you to know exactly what he was up to? You all did great. However, now that we’ve seen them try to pull this stunt, next time, don’t answer the call or just hang up. Let them know that we know they aren’t to be trusted.


Also, feel free to share pictures like this with us:



Reminder: C4P money bombs for SarahPAC are solely independent, grassroots projects of Conservatives4Palin. Anything that is put up on this blog is solely the product of its contributors and editors. There is no collaboration with SarahPAC to help raise funds.

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