Zo: GOP, 2016, Governor Palin, and the Pro-Life Message

Warning: If you’re prone to getting your panties in a wad at the mere thought of someone being bold, brazen, and unabashed about socially conservative principles, you might not want to watch this. If you are among those who think the GOP needs to drop its pro-life stance so as not to be accused of some bogus “war on women,” you, too, might not want to watch this. If you are sold on the idea that a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz can take it all in 2016, you’re likely to not like what he has to say, so you might not want to watch this. And alas, if you’re in the go-along-to-get-along camp, you definitely do not want to watch this.

If, however, you are ready to hear someone tell it like it is, you don’t want to miss watching this video rant by Alfonzo Rachel.

This has got to be the greatest expression I have ever witnessed of the principles that should be dear to every conservative. Zo takes on the left, the GOP Establishment, and everyone in between. Instead of apologizing for our refusal to bend on social issues, such as abortion, he annihilates every mindset that is contrary to a respect for life, exposing it for what it really is: utter selfishness and evil. I have heard many a pro-life talk. I have heard none that holds a candle to this one.

Furthermore, he holds nothing back as he speaks about Governor Palin and what she represents. Many people can tell you that she has been a target of the left and right, but how many can articulately explain precisely why? Zo can and does.

(h/t Ma McGriz)

Here’s Alfonzo Rachel’s ZoNation video, “Clarifying Some Strengths and Weaknesses of the GOP”:

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