Daniel Horowitz: Governor Palin is right about Syria

Via Fox News, Daniel Horowitz echoes Governor Palin’s concerns over the ludicrous proposition that we should spend as much as a penny inserting ourselves into the middle of a fight between Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, and gives the Governor some well-deserved chops in the process: Let Allah sort it out.

As bankrupt as elected Republican leadership is in Washington vis-à-vis domestic policy, they are completely clueless as it relates to foreign policy.

While America continues to become an economic and moral wasteland under this regime, Obama is attempting to spend American treasure helping one nefarious side of an Islamic civil war in Syria – one which involves Iran-allied supporters of Hezbollah (Assad regime) vs. predominantly Al Qaeda affiliated rebels.

Astoundingly, most GOP leaders are either siding with Obama or are totally insouciant to this reckless fomenting of an Islamic insurrection. Instead of fighting ObamaCare, they are allowing Obama to distract from the upheaval at home by focusing on this inane escapade in Syria.


Why place American money and weapons in the hands of people who will be just as adversarial to our interests as the current regime? This is not a matter of opposing intervention for the sake of isolationism; it is a matter of not supporting intervention that is either superfluous or deleterious to our national interests.

A “hawkish” stance towards Assad is a dovish stance towards Al Qaeda. As Sarah Palin noted, in a battle with Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah on one side and Al-Qaeda and Turkey on the other, let Allah sort it out.

This should be a slam dunk opportunity for GOP leaders to oppose a wrongheaded and unpopular intervention, while shifting the focus back to the ObamaCare civil war at home.

Unfortunately, as Steve noted earlier, Boehner and the boys in the GOP Establishment are helping Obama shift the focus from his disastrous Obamacare rollout to a pointless and pathetic military adventure wherein we enter a civil war on the side of Al Qaeda. Unbelievable. If Boehner’s goal is to lose the House in 2014, he’s going about it the right way.

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