GOP Establishment, Stand for Something…Please

Here’s my problem with the GOP Establishment and why I prefer the term “conservative” to “Republican” when identifying my political affiliation: The GOPe is squishy, cowardly, and unprincipled. They continue to play politics-as-usual. They’re content to bow to political pressure. My plea to them is simple: stand for something…please.

In the ongoing discussions about Obamacare, people like Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have stood strong on the position to defund it. They are adamant about funding the government–except the train wreck that President Obama’s health care law is. Obamacare is unworkable, unaffordable, and unpopular with the American people. Senator Cruz has made it clear that the ball is in the Senate’s court. The House has done its part by voting to defund it. So let question be: Will the Democrats shut down the government?

Instead of standing their ground, the GOP Establishment is cowering in a corner, worried that they will get blamed for shutting down the government, worried that standing on what they know is right will cost them political points. What happened to principles? What happened to listening to constituents? What happened to going on the offense by writing your own narrative, rather than allowing the enemy to write it for you?

Even Mike Huckabee went on Fox & Friends yesterday and opined that Republicans would only hurt themselves by defunding Obamacare because this will lead to demonization by Democrats. I found myself yelling at the television: “When will we take a stand? When will we do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing?! When will doing the right thing supersede politics-as-usual?

While the permanent political class is afraid of what Democrats will say about them if they do the right thing, Governor Palin
says that we need to get on Cruz control–Ted Cruz control. As is her wont, she has advocated taking a stand, not allowing the left to back us into a corner, and remembering what we’re supposed to stand for. Furthermore, she understands a very basic fact about Democrats, which she articulated in an article written for Breitbart:

They lie. Deal with it.

Why does she even have to remind us of this? We should have that part down pat by now. More importantly, since when does anyone over twelve years old make decisions based on what his enemy might say? What adult decides to do what’s wrong because if he does what’s right his enemy will say he did what’s wrong?! No parent instructs a child to ignore principle to be popular or liked. No, responsible adults always advise against allowing the haters to dictate one’s actions.

Additionally, as Governor Palin points out, the haters aren’t going to love you anyway, so why bothering trying to placate them? It defies reason and certainly common sense. Of course, they’re going to say the GOP is to blame. Of course, they’re going to say Republicans shut down the government. It’s a lie. It’s what they do. Let the record show we have voted to fund the government and have asked the Democrats to do so also. That’s the truth. Stand on it. Be bold. Be strong. Be adults, for crying out loud. Then move forward, secure in the knowledge that you stood on the side of liberty, and principle, and the American people.

GOP Establishment, for once in a long while, get a backbone, and stand for something…please. Governor Palin wields a lot of power in terms of fundraising and endorsements, as she pointed out in her piece for Breitbart yesterday, but should it really take a threat from her to get you to take a stand for what each of you knows is right?

I would exult in the opportunity to readily, without hesitation, identify myself as a proud Republican, but the Republican party needs to woman up, as Governor Palin has said. Now’s the perfect opportunity.

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