“Let Allah Sort It Out”

That’s a great line.

It graces the top of Gov. Palin’s August 30, Facebook post.

It’s great because in five words, it so perfectly captures the feelings of many Americans as they listen to the Obama Administration and its Republican supporters push for open military involvement in Syria. The note itself is good for it highlights for readers the multiple flip flops President Obama is pulling as he tries to wiggle out of a corner he painted himself, nay, us into. But turn back to that line. Like “Death Panels,” that five word sentence cuts through all the noise being made on yet another poorly conceived plan coming out of Team Obama’s tree house.

Now, this guy freaked out about Gov. Palin’s use of “Allah,” but as Steve pointed out, he’s fishing for attention for his new finger puppet show. Much like the proverbial blind squirrel, he put his hands on the acorn before he tossed it aside and shoved pebbles into his mouth by way of  a convoluted rant about linguistics and the Crusades.

“Let Allah sort it out.”

That is Sarah Palin’s succinct argument against U.S. intervention into Syria. And I have to be honest: I’m impressed with Palin on this one. Not with her horribly callous recommendation, made via Facebook late last week, but because she appears to speak some Arabic.


Almost there, homefry. Let’s get Chris Matthews to help you flesh it out:




And the always delightful Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) for the finish:

SCHULTZ: Now it can only break out into a regional conflict, as I see it, if the Syrians have some help. I mean, I think that there’s a, there’s an indication there that he’s not going to be alone. What are your thoughts on the Russians and the Iranians on this?

GRAYSON: What’s actually happened is that until this point, in the past couple of years, this has been an internal civil war. It’s been the Alawites on one side and the Sunnis on the other side. And it’s been to some degree a reasonable expression of the desire of many people to have a modern life and not live under a dictatorship. But in the past several months what’s happened is that the backing by other foreign governments of certain rebels, Al-Nusra, has led to a situation where the strongest opposition force in Syria today is in fact another fundamentalist Muslim regime like the one in Iran. So we have a fundamentalist Muslim regime in Iran fighting fundamentalist Muslim Sunnis in a proxy war in Syria. I don’t think we have a dog in that fight. I think this is one of those extraordinarily rare occasions when I think I’m in agreement with Sarah Palin. She said, let Allah sort it out.


Whoa, Chris Matthews and Alan Grayson agreeing with Sarah Palin?!



As Chris Matthews stated, even a broken clock is right twice a day, to which I reply, “Glad to see you read the time today, Chris.” We all know they don’t like Sarah Palin. Their above posted words don’t change that, but they, however begrudgingly, recognize that Gov. Palin put into words what a majority of Americans are feeling about the Syrian crisis. When folks like the CNN guest blogger throw this out at us:

What’s abundantly clear is that she believes that the U. S. should do nothing while people are being slaughtered in Syria.

No, not “nothing,” dear, just not open, hostile military involvement in a nasty civil war where neither side is worth backing. North Korea is equally as barbaric to its own people as the Syrian government has been, but we’re not sending scud missiles to Pyongyang. Darfur is pretty terrible, but we’re not booking flights for Seal Team Six to stop those atrocities either. It is an awful thing to see countries brutalize their own people, but America is neither God nor the World’s Policeman, and we should always humbly remember that constraint upon us.

But we have to do something!!

Here’s a thought: Let Syria’s neighbors step up and police their neighborhood. How many temper tantrums do we get from them when we involve ourselves in their age old, internecine, phallus-measuring disputes? “No, I’m a big boy. I can put my shoes on myself! Get out, Evil Great Satan!”

Fine, as Gov. Palin so tongue and cheek stated, “Let Allah sort it out.”


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