Matt Vespa: 12 Things Pelosi Missed in Her Cupboard of Cuts

An excellent complement to Governor Palin’s takedown of Nancy Pelosi’s idiotic “cupboard is bare” comment yesterday, courtesy of Matt Vespa from CNS:

“[T]he cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that.”

Oh, really?

Just off the top of my head, here are a dozen things the government could’ve cut to save the taxpayers some money:

1.     We spent $7.2 million to put more sand on Coney Island.

2.     It’s almost embarrassing that government thought “cigarette-monitoring underwear” was worth the $400,000 investment.

3.     Let’s not forget the $45,000 government spent to market bloody Mary mix – and $213,000 spent on a Virginia farm to make more strawberry flavored ice cream and jellies.

4.     Last March, the federal government doled out $1.18 million for puppets.

I’m sure there’s literally thousands more examples of wasteful government spending in Pelosi’s cupboard, but Vespa has compiled a good list from which to begin.  Click here to read the rest. It was a tough choice for me, narrowed down to the $400,000 we spent on cigarette-monitoring underwear and the $81,000 we spent on top-of-the-line televisions for the Gitmo terrorists. A difficult choice, but I gotta go with the underwear. Obviously this raises a number of questions. How does the smoke get in the underwear? Can something other than cigarette smoke set the alarm in the underwear off? Something that’s, shall we say, more native to that region such as a … er … oh, you get the picture. And how would the government account for such a false positive? Valid questions, all. I know, I know, in the greater scheme of things $400,000 isn’t a lot of  money for the government to waste invest on our behalf, but WTF? (Winning the future.)

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