Palin & the Establishment

<p>Why did McCain Presidential Campaign Silence Palin discussion on Rev. Wright and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?</p>

J. R. Dunn is on a roll at American Thinker in The Ruling Elite Settles In:

Establishment conservatives — and I’m talking about the blue blazers here, what I’ve in the past called Northeast Corridor conservatives — have long posed as noble Romans tsk-tsking over the fall of the Republic while not getting involved themselves.  They don’t get their hands dirty with actual politics or confrontations with the left, they simply sit back and discuss what Madison or Locke would have thought about it all.

This in and of itself makes them an elite, and opens them up to the temptations of an elite.  Over the past few years, rather than confront the left, they have in large part stooped to doing the left’s dirty work.  They — and I’m speaking here directly of Brooks, Frum, Lowry, Parker, and Noonan, and indirectly of many others — worked hand in hand with the left to destroy Sarah Palin, the most impressive natural politician in this country since Reagan.  They undercut and ridiculed the Tea Parties, thus joining hands with the IRS and the major media.  Many are even now attacking Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. [Emphasis added.]

Consider the fact that establishment conservatives have put more effort into attacking their own over the past five years than they have the left over the past fifty.   Consider that both ObamaCare and Rubian amnesty originated from within “conservatism.”

We have reached a fork in the road, and the establishment conservatives have chosen for the elite.  They are in the process of becoming the right wing of the ruling party.

Read the whole thing. His analysis is sober, but his closing is optimistic.

A long time ago, a man said, “there’s a lot of ruin in nation.” That’s the school I belong to. There’s more ruin in the United States than in any other nation in history. They could gouge at it for next millennium and it would remain standing while their bones crumbled into dust. Somebody will always be coming up with fracking or founding Tea Parties. We have no right to despair.

There was a period in the late 70s when it appeared that the Soviets held all the cards – they were on the march worldwide, in Africa, Asia, and Central America, aided by the same American class that now wants to borrow the country for awhile. Then Reagan came along and cleaned their clocks, because the Soviet system had no future. It was based on nothing — a series of gestures covering up sheer emptiness. The same is true here. So fear God and dread naught. We will once again take our rest unafraid beneath our vines and fig trees.

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