RightScoop: O’Reilly Gets it Wrong on Governor Palin

Over at RightScoop, he has a great post up where he talks about Bill O’Reilly’s unfortunate statements last night regarding Governor Palin while discussing opposition to a strike in Syria.  When O’Reilly got to Nancy Pelosi who supports the potential strike, he then contrasted it with Governor Palin and made it seem as if her opposition was more derived from her probability to oppose Obama just for the sake of doing so.

As RightScoop reports:

Oh I see. So now Sarah Palin is one of those mindless conservatives BillO has been ranting about who only opposes action against Syria because they don’t like Obama? Is she now in that camp? Tell me BillO, does she oppose it because she wants to hurt Obama politically or just because she doesn’t like him? Or maybe she’s a racist? Why not trot that one out just like the left, BillO, because it’s just as mindless.

I can tell you why Sarah Palin opposes action against Syria and it’s not because she hates the president or just wants to hurt him by opposing him. No, it’s far more substantive than BillO conveyed to his audience. In fact, she laid out her reasons in a point by point post of which BillO only quoted the title (and he still got that wrong). I guess it was too much for him to read the entire post.

He then links to Governor Palin’s post.

He has more here and I encourage you to check it out.

I only have a couple of things to add on my own here.  First of all, the night before, O’Reilly was also naming off a list of conservatives (including the Governor) that supported the mission in Iraq but oppose military strikes in Syria.  This was after his Talking Points Memo concluded that we needed to support the President’s desire to intervene.  So it’s no secret that O’Reilly supports it and has a big problem with those who do not.

His logic though doesn’t take into account that Governor Palin had nothing to do with the execution of the Iraq mission nor can he offer up any quotes from her at that time since she didn’t have the national platform she has now.  In addition, some (like Ann Coulter) argue that there are some pretty big differences between Iraq and Syria.  Despite where you fall on that, there certainly were many factors O’Reilly ignored.

In addition to RightScoop’s point about the details of Governor Palin’s post that O’Reilly conveniently skipped, I’d also like to point out that Governor Palin’s common sense positions on military action have been well known for some time — at least going back to 2011 when she detailed five points which needed to be satisfied before such actions should even be considered.

At the end of the day, there are two sides to this debate that seem to have less to do with left vs. right, as Michelle pointed out yesterday.  Rather, it’s about the ego of the elite versus the passion and common sense of those of us who happen to outnumber them.  Congress knows they have the chance to represent the people.  If they choose not to, they will be dealt with appropriately in 2014.

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