Senators Cruz & Lee: Still Going Strong


As I type, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has commanded the floor of the Senate for over 12 hours in his epic filibuster to #DefundObamacare and #MakeDCListen to the American people. He and his aide de camp, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), have won the hearts of conservatives across the nation. (See Matt Drudge via Breitbart.)

To say he has been remarkable is an understatment. He speaks in complete sentences, clearly explaining Constitutionally sound policy.  He does not use “uh”s and “ah”s.  And he doesn’t use a teleprompter.

At this late hour, Governor Palin, while holding Trig in her arms, watches from Wasilla as Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee make history 4321 miles away.

Ted & Mike going strong for over 10hrs. We can hear you all the way in Wasilla. DC better be listening! #MakeDCListen

The two statesmen then engaged in a fun and fascinating exchange of the meaning of words. Specifically, Sen. Lee asked Sen. Cruz questions to show that “labels don’t always mean what they say.” Since my parents are originally from Ecuador, my favorite word play was Sen. Lee asking Sen. Cruz “Where are panama hats made?” Answer: Ecuador. Not Panama. Also, the purple finch is actually red not purple, and the Canary Islands are actually named after a dog and not a bird.  And the Patient Affordable Act is actually un-affordable, not affordable. The penalty in the individual mandate is not a penalty, but actually a tax. (Even the Supreme Court ruled it as a tax, while Obama insisted it was a penalty.)

Tax hikes are unpopular, especially when they are directed at the American middle class. And more so when President Obama ran on the promise that he would not raise taxes on the middle class.

But the Obama Administration deceptively call the tax a penalty, to avoid the charge of raising taxes on the middle class. The fact: they do raise taxes on the middle class with Obamacare.


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