NJ Residents Distaste for Booker Evident as Lonegan Gains Momentum in Senate Race


Steve Lonegan, former Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey got a huge endorsement from Gov. Palin this past weekend in the race to become New Jersey’s next Senator.  At the same time, author and investigative journalist Charles Johnson exposed some troubling facts about Lonegan’s opponent Cory Booker. Mainly, the man seems to have problems with the truth, and with residents who live in the town he supposedly represents, Newark. In the spirit of being an informed voter, be sure to watch the YouTube videos and send them to anyone you know who can vote in New Jersey. They are quite eye-opening.

Governor Palin highlights this in her most recent Facebook post, and encourages all to contact friends and family in New Jersey to vote for Lonegan on Wednesday October 16, 2013 in the special election to fill the Senate seat left vacant after the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg this past June.

Via Facebook:

The momentum is continuing to rise for Steve Lonegan’s commonsense campaign in NJ! The headline today in The Star-Ledger shouts: “Lonegan GAINS GROUND on Booker as U.S. Senate Race enters final stretch.” This as we find out from Cory Booker’s own “neighbors” that he may not even live in Newark!

Folks, the choice for the next U.S. Senator from New Jersey is clear here – a proven commonsense mayor in Steve Lonegan or a liberal Hollywood stand-in. Please click here (https://loneganforsenate.com/secure-contribution.php) and help Steve out in any way you can. Call all your friends in NJ and tell them that if we turn out this Wednesday for Steve, we win!

Here’s the article with the video showing what Cory Booker’s own “neighbors” have to say about him. Dear media, it’s time you cover this story:

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