Gov. Palin on Hannity Radio: NJ Senate Race, Obama Fearmongering; Updated with Audio



Via Facebook, Gov. Palin asks everyone to tune into Sean Hannity’s radio program today to get further informed on NJ Senate race. They will also examine how President Obama continues to try and instill fear in the markets and the people over a “default” if the debt ceiling is not raised. (One responsible question to ask: how is it that the Obama Administration cannot govern with the nearly $17-trillion in debt already allocated to them?)

Please tune in to Hannity’s radio show today at 5pm ET. I’ll chat with him about the importance of the Lonegan Senate race in NJ tomorrow, as well as Obama’s debt ceiling fear-mongering.

As most of you know, tomorrow is an important election in New Jersey to fill the Senate seat left vacant after Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (D) death in June. Steve Lonegan, the commonsense fiscal conservative former Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, is nipping at the heels of the Democratic truth-challenged Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker. (See videos here and here of Newark residents who, for several reasons, say Booker has done nothing to improve their city, and claim he is not being truthful about a few things.)

Just today, former acting Mayor of Jersey City, Joseph Rakowski, endorsed Lonegan, citing Booker’s incompetency:

Joseph Rakowski, who was Jersey City’s acting mayor for four months in 1992, today endorsed Republican Steve Lonegan’s bid for the U.S. Senate, saying Lonegan opponent Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been a “failure.”

Rakowski, 65, said Booker’s tenure as mayor of Newark has led to “unemployment, taxes, the crime.”

“To me, you don’t reward somebody for incompetency,” he said.



UPDATE by Adrienne: Retrieved from SarahNET, here’s the audio:

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