Gov. Palin: Sign Up with Todd Starnes; Fox News tonight with Megyn Kelly; Bold Eric Bolling


Via Facebook, Governor Palin says the following:

Please take a look at Todd Starnes’ new newsletter and sign up. Also, I’ll be on Megyn Kelly’s new “Kelly Files” tonight at 9pm ET. A lot of times these 10 second sound bite style interviews don’t allow us enough time to really explain an issue — like how Obama is teetering on impeachable offenses with his threat of defaulting, unilaterally increasing the debt and thwarting Congress and the balance of power. So, viewers have to be high information voters by doing their own homework and staying informed.

Via another Facebook post, the Governor links an article written by Fox News anchor Eric Bolling:

Love Eric’s boldness! We’ve got nothing to lose but our country if we shy away from asking tough questions.

In the article, Bolling challenges the men and women who call themselves journalists. He further highlights the danger of a national press that kiss the President’s backside:

There’s something very dangerous about the liberal love affair with the President. Fear of asking the tough questions crushes accountability. And without accountability, tyranny follows.


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