Governing by Crisis Once Again

With the embarrassing roll-out of Obamacare, Americans who already didn’t want the law now have reason to despise it even more.  With the unacceptable website problems, others are disappointed in the massive plan prices and deductibles. Accordingly, the president is now the butt of numerous late night talk show jokes.

Suddenly now that the crisis which many like Governor Palin and Ted Cruz warned about a few short weeks ago is unfolding, the rest of the naysayers from that time are finally jumping on board now that Marco Rubio plans to introduce a bill removing the mandate that Obamacare poses on individuals.  In addition to that, CNN suggests that Democrats like Mark Begich and others from red states are ready to support the measure after the train wreck was completely funded due to multiple Republican Senators who went wobbly instead of standing united in support of Cruz, Lee, and House Republicans.

Also, just weeks ago, people like Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly were lecturing people like Senator Cruz for fighting on behalf of Americans who didn’t want this.

While I can’t yet speak for Karl Rove, I can confirm that Bill O’Reilly seems ready to support the Rubio plan.  In this interview with Kirsten Powers, it’s quite evident.  But adding insult to injury, Ms. Powers (a Democrat who supported it) took it a step further and suggested scrapping the entire bill for an entire year.  So suddenly everyone is ready to fight now that we have another “crisis” on our hands.

Be prepared for lectures about tactics.  Remember those?  It wasn’t politically convenient enough for Republicans in the Senate to respect the Constitution where specific powers of the purse are handed to the House of Representatives.   With that document as their road map, our lawmakers should not be sitting around waiting for a crisis to unfold on something we already knew long ago was destined to be a disaster.  We hire them to know these things ahead of time.  And tonight, while people like Kirsten Powers are actually suggesting a complete halt on Obamacare for a year, I’d like to remind these Democrats and Republicans alike that just a couple weeks ago, others like Governor Palin, Senator Cruz, and Mike Lee were already arguing for the exact same thing.  Unfortunately though they were mocked and called names by members of the establishment and all in the media.

Now, like it or not, our nation is continuing to fund this train wreck.  Understandably, folks don’t want the individual mandate while the disaster continues to reveal itself by the layer.  That doesn’t erase the reality that the rest of the law doesn’t keep going and that we’ll be paying for it with money we don’t have.  With no mandate, there’s very little funding.

In the end, there was a select few within the Tea Party who wanted to not only delay implementation for a year, but also fought to defund it entirely which would have prevented countless billions from being fecklessly spent over the course of the year.

So while the establishment on both sides of the aisle begin patting themselves on the back for finally coming around to some common sense, we have every right to remind ourselves in 2014 that we deserve actual leaders like Senator Cruz and Mike Lee who go beyond governing by crisis to actually knowing the importance of standing united to prevent them in the first place.

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