Governor Palin: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Via Facebook:

Sally Heath

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you more than life itself. Thank you for everything. You’re the kind of mom who says, seeing only five pieces of pie left while six of us sat there, “Oh, I never much liked pie, anyway!”

And knowing mom, the most optimistic person we know, a great gift she’d appreciate from everyone, especially all her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, is like-minded optimism. She’s proof positive it makes the world a better place. In honor of her, we can join the cause of thankfulness. Here’s a sweet reminder:

We know there’s a lot wrong with our nation right now, but there’s a lot right too! Human nature leads to a pattern of grumbling where we lose sight of things we should be thankful for.

I ran across @thethankables campaign to declare a “War on Grumbling.” Great idea. It’s totally “Sally Heath.” Take time each day to declare our own #WarOnGrumbling by naming things we’re thankful for.

Here’s a one-minute video if you need inspiration:

Let me start by saying again how thankful I am for Sally Heath. God bless you richly, Mom!

– From the whole gang!

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