Governor Palin on Lonegan’s Continuing Momentum, Lets Us Know What We Can Do to Help

Governor Palin recently remarked on Steve Lonegan’s continuing momentum via Facebook:


She also issues a call to action:

Here’s something you can do to help elect Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate this Wednesday. Make five phone calls to any New Jersey voters you know. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democrats or Republicans or no party at all. Call them and tell them to vote for Steve Lonegan this Wednesday. Then ask them to call five people THEY know. Spread the word! Don’t just stop at five people. Call even more if you can.

Please be sure to get to the polls this Wednesday, October 16, and vote for Steve Lonegan. If someone you know can’t get to the polls, give them a ride. Let’s do all we can to secure a win for New Jersey on Wednesday!

– Sarah Palin

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