Harry Reid: Why would we want to help kids with cancer?

A friend told me about this via email but I had to see for myself whether or not it went down as described.  It did indeed.  First a little background. For two days now Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media have been demonizing Republicans for their supposed antipathy for the NIH’s pediatric cancer research. The implication being that those dastardly Republicans want kids to die from cancer by shutting the government down.  Or something. Anyway, to counter this, the GOP has offered to send up a limited CR which would immediately restore full funding to the NIH which would eliminate the “problem”. But this would also eliminate one of Obama and Dingy Harry’s talking points so, naturally, Reid has indicated he’d reject the limited CR. Amazingly, a CNN reporter, Dana Bash, called Reid out for this flagrant hypocrisy. Via Breitbart’s John Nolte:

During a Wednesday afternoon press briefing, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about agreeing to fund the National Institute for Health, as the GOP is proposing to do with no strings attached. Bash mentioned the fact that due to the shutdown, children with cancer are being turned away from clinical trials at the NIH and that the GOP will pass a bill today funding the NIH.

Reid and Democrats, however, are insisting they will vote against or table the limited CR. President Obama has already threatened a veto.

After Reid danced around the question, Bash drilled down and Reid’s response was quite revealing and a little chilling:

So Reid is equating nonessential government workers with kids dying of cancer.  And keep in mind, when these government “shut downs” occur, Congress routinely gives these poor bureaucrats 100% of the pay they missed when the shut-down ends. In other words, for these poor bureaucrats Reid is so worried about, the shut-down is nothing more than a paid vacation. Think about that. And we want these people to run our health care? Twitchy has compiled some great tweets on Reid’s meltdown here.

(h/t Greg W.)

Update: More on this from Buzzfeed, Hot Air, and the Free Beacon.

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