Lonegan’s Fighting Spirit with News Anchor Sets Record Straight about Booker


Steve Lonegan grew up with a deteriorating eye disorder that leads to blindness. That might have kept another person down. He was told the most he could achieve was weaving baskets.

But Lonegan’s hard working, fighting spirit spurred him to a become a successful businessman, and later Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey. That same tenacity and fighting spirit were on display yesterday when PIX-11 anchor, Kori Chambers, questioned Lonegan about news reports he cited stating his Democratic rival, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, did not truly live in Newark.

The commonsense fiscal conservative, working to serve as New Jersey’s next Senator, passionately answered Chamber’s question, citing the testimony of neighbors who live in Newark, and calling Booker a “total failure” given that “unemployment is 14%, violent crime is up and high school dropout rates are over 50%.”

While some have described the exchange between the Senate candidate and anchor “contentious”, it ended on a positive note when Chambers suggested they meet for coffee win or lose, and Lonegan confidently declared he will be the next Senator from New Jersey. Even though recent polls show him 10 points down from Booker, Lonegan cited the fact that Gov. Chris Christie was 10 points down the day before the election when he beat John Corzine, and Christine Whitman was 15 points down in the polls before she beat Jim Florio.

Here’s the exchange.

UPDATE: Lonegan’s website has election day video of Newark residents who are not happy with Booker as Mayor and say they are not voting for him.

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