The Oklahoman | Obama inflicting pain on Americans with his shutdown theater

FOR furloughed workers, the federal government shutdown has clearly had an impact. But for most citizens, the shutdown has been notable for largely going unnoticed. That’s not because federal officials aren’t doing their best to make it appear otherwise. In fact, federal officials often seem to be working harder to inconvenience Americans during the shutdown than they worked to serve Americans when the government was in full operation.

The hassle factor has been most notable at national parks, including open-air monuments honoring veterans that are typically accessible 24 hours a day. Government officials have erected barricades and stationed guards. How is the government spending less money on those efforts than what would occur if visitors were simply allowed to walk up to the monuments?

Yet at the same time, the Park Service allowed an immigration reform rally on the National Mall — attended by several House Democrats — even though the mall was supposedly closed by the shutdown.

The Defense Department stopped $100,000 payouts to fallen troops’ families, insisting that a recent bill funding military payments didn’t authorize the payouts. This outraged countless citizens. The benefits are usually paid within days of a death.


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