True Conservatism Gained Considerable Ground in New Jersey’s Senate Race

Another important election came and went and unfortunately another rubber stamp for Obama’s failed policies is about to jump into the jacuzzi of D.C.

As of right now, with 99% of precincts reporting, Politico has Democrat Cory Booker at 54.6% and Republican Steve Lonegan at 44.3%.  That’s a difference of 10.3 percentage points.

And while this loss is a tough one to swallow, here are a few points to help wash it down:

–A Republican hasn’t taken this specific seat in decades.

–In 2012 Mitt Romney lost New Jersey to Barack Obama by 17 percentage points.

–While Booker was not an incumbent, he had the political connections of one.  In fact, just one month ago polls had him leading Lonegan by 35 points.

That is why Steve Lonegan, with the help of the Tea Party, Governor Palin, Mark Levin and others, should be commended for gaining so much ground in such little time.

We proved we could achieve substantially better results than the establishment could even in a blue state like New Jersey.

Steve Lonegan was the best candidate imaginable.  He didn’t apologize for being a successful small businessman.  He didn’t suck up to the media.  He didn’t pretend to have a magic wand that would undo the damage done by years of politics as usual in D.C.  He also didn’t make promises to people he couldn’t keep. Like us, he knows the work involved in rebuilding our country and he articulated it well.  He was the Tea Party from the beginning to the end and successfully scared the daylights out of Washington’s elite along with Booker’s big-money-backers who were scurrying just one week ago.

As such, it goes without saying how much more beneficial it would have been to have Republican legislators in the House and Senate stand by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  These men stood on the same principles as elected leaders that Lonegan stood on as a candidate.  It reveals what could be achieved for America if they’d all embrace the values of our founding documents and stood united on the platform that the Republican Party had built over the course of history.

And while these facts will be ignored by those in the beltway, it is important for us to keep fighting so that we can effectively deal with some of those within the GOP who need to be furloughed forever.

As Governor Palin has suggested in the past, we have to go beyond the choir to make a difference.  Over the remaining months of 2013 and going into next year’s election season, I will be working as hard as I can here in the conventionally blue state of Illinois as we find the right candidates here to give our sitting Governor and Senator Dick Durbin the toughest fights of their well-greased and established careers.  These will be tough battles for sure.  That’s why I thank Steve Lonegan for proving that real progress for the causes of common sense and liberty can be achieved even when the odds seem to be against you.

On to 2014!



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