Ah, the Internet. And Hollywood. And basically any place where people, masked by the sweet anonymity of screen names, can vomit up the most hurtful of things at people they have never met or never will meet. What to do when faced with such meanness? Cry? Go fetal? Respond in like manner complete with your own f-bombs and hastily concocted, unmentionable -in-mixed-company, grenades? All understandable options. For those who encounter such crazy either on the Intertoobs or in the streets, but would rather not be saddled with the burden of lobbing f-grenades, here are two wonderfully executed maneuvers to use in lieu of the aforementioned weapons.

Exhibit A: Mike Rowe

Shannon K. Walsh wrote, “Mike – How could you associate with such a horrible and psychotic person that is Glen Beck? I wouldn’t accept a dime off that hateful, nasty racist. Very disappointed to see this post.”Well, hi there, Shannon – and a pleasant good morning to you too! 

Well, hi there, Shannon – and a pleasant good morning to you too!

If you want a detailed answer to your question, please take a moment to read my earlier reply to Bob Reidel, another crestfallen soul who couldn’t reconcile my association with a TV host that he personally despised. As you read it (out loud, if possible, and in a public place), kindly replace the words “Bob Reidel” with “Shannon K. Walsh,” and “Bill Maher” with “Glenn Beck.” But prepare yourself – you might be forced to conclude that my true objective here has little to do with winning or losing your approval.

It’s here: http://on.fb.me/1a8LsPL

As for your personal characterization of Glenn Beck, I can only assume you have information not available to me. In my time with him, I saw nothing “horrible, psychotic, hateful, or nasty.” I smelled no burning sulphur, no smoldering brimstone, and saw no sign of cloven hooves.

To the contrary, I found a very passionate guy who employs about 300 people, works his butt off, and puts his money where his mouth is. Do we agree on everything? Of course not. Am I “disappointed” by that fact? Not at all. The real question, Shannon, is … why are you?

To be clear, I’m not here to tell you what to think or whom to hate. Like everyone else, you’re free to pick your devils, choose your angels, and attach the horns and halos accordingly.

But the guts of your question – even without all the name-calling and acrimony – reveal the essence of what’s broken in our country. You want to know “how I can associate” with someone you don’t like? The short answer is, how can I not? How are we ever going to accomplish anything in this incredibly divisive time if we associate only with people that we don’t disagree with?



Exhibit B: Stefan Molyneux






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