Gov. Palin’s SarahPAC Responds to MSNBC Martin Bashir’s Vile Rant


Stephen K. Bannon and Tony Lee at have exclusively obtained a copy of a letter SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford sent to the Presidents of NBC News and MSNBC. In the letter, Crawford questions what action the network will take to discipline on-air host Martin Bashir after he suggested someone should take vulgar, even violent, action against Gov. Palin. Brian Lerch wrote about it here yesterday, and much of what Brian suggests is contained in the SarahPAC letter. Namely, there should be consequences to Bashir’s irrational and vulgar tirade against Gov. Palin.

We would like to know what disciplinary measures you are taking about Martin Bashir’s appalling statement on his MSNBC show last Friday that someone should defecate and/or urinate in Governor Palin’s mouth because she used the word ‘slavery’ to describe the burden the federal debt will have on future generations of Americans.

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You can read the Breitbart article here.





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