Governor Palin Posts from Her Stop In Grand Rapids

Governor Palin posted on her tour stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday. Via Facebook:


What an honor! This photo from the Grand Rapids book signing is of a wonderful 95-year-old World War II vet who gave me a signed copy of HIS own book!

Thank you to all the great folks in Grand Rapids who came out tonight for the book signing. It’s always great to connect with Michiganders! And thank you to the great staff at Barnes & Noble. The “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour continues tomorrow in Wausau, WI. For information on all the upcoming book tour stops, please click here:

She posted more images from the stop here. And she also added this:

Gas Station

Captured “Glam Palinesque” dinner on the road. Our book tour includes as many quick stops as possible. Here we follow our daughter Willow’s lead in ordering dinner in a fine east coast gas station — love it! Love the friendly folks who work there!

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