Isn’t it Ironic? Gullible Obama Supporters at it Again

An out-pour of gullibility elected one of the worst presidents in history and those guilty of it are still throwing stones and taking shots at people who’ve called this president’s failed policies out long before they materialized.

Now that Governor Palin has been completely validated on just about every prediction that she’s made regarding the results of Obama’s fundamental transformation, those who were most afraid of her in the past are so scared now that they’re scraping the bottom of the pudding cup.  So instead of attempting to defend a president who’s been intellectually dishonest, they’ll claim Governor Palin is intellectually lacking while hoping that everyone else is as gullible as they are to get distracted.

That’s why they enthusiastically tweeted out yet another false and satirical story about Governor Palin.  With their world of free stuff hanging on by a thread, they bitterly cling to another tired narrative about a strong conservative by making fools of themselves.  There’s something more though.  I believe this need to distract originates within those responsible for publishing such nonsense since they must know that many of the president’s supporters are feckless creatures who truly embody the ignorance they like to ascribe to conservatives.

Via Twitchy:

“Palin Haters Fall for fake “Indian” Quotes.


Snopes has also rated this one “false.”


But try convincing the lefty tolerance brigade that Palin said no such thing. Facts — and civility — ain’t easy when you’re frothing at the mouth.

And it doesn’t stop among the base of the phenomenally suckered Obama voters:

Via Twitchythe more well known and monumentally lame leaders of the pack are starting to chime in:

There are many people falling for a fake “news” story which quotes Sarah Palin as saying “Thanksgiving is for real Americans not Indians.”

Among those who were in such a rush to believe the obvious satire were actor Billy Campbell and actress/singer Emily Osment:


The Palin haters got in such a rush to believe the “Sarah is dumb” hype created by the Left that they wound up exposing their own ignorance.

I won’t republish the vile tweets here (my personal choice).  Twitchy tells the entire story here and here.

So while the era (error) of Obama will eventually end — starting with 2014’s midterm elections, we can always be sure that the people responsible for all he’s done will continue to lurk among us.




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