Joseph Curl | Step 1: Fire Kathleen Sebelius

Imagine you’re on a jet, flying to Los Angeles. You look out the window to see the engine on fire. In fact, the entire wing is ablaze. In full panic, you look up the aisle to the cockpit door. There, you see the pilot pulling on a parachute.

“Sorry folks, not my problem,” he says, and leaps out the door.

That’s Kathleen Sebelius. Amid the Obamacare website meltdown, KS has been anywhere but at the Department of Health and Human Services she runs, fixing the disastrous Obamacare website she created.

First, she went to a gala in Boston instead of testifying about the debacle before Capitol Hill lawmakers. Then she jetted off to Phoenix to assure America that she was working “24/7” to get her $634 million website up and running. (She didn’t say how she was managing that from 2,500 miles away.)

Amid calls for her ouster, Queen Seeb then flew over flyover country to parachute into — Austin, Texas, of all places. There, she highlighted the many ways “Texans can learn about the health insurance marketplace.”


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