Kevin O’Brien | I warned you (and warned you and warned you) O’Care was a scam

For this column, I took a little trip down memory lane. The memories weren’t happy.

I went back through scores of columns I’d written, dating back to the fall of 2007 — long before Barack Obama moved into the White House, long before he told his first health care whopper — to gauge my track record on commentary involving health care policy. It’s disgustingly near perfect.

Actually, the database turned up 116 columns mentioning health care, dating all the way back to Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated attempt to remake American medicine, back in the early 1990s. (No one got killed in that one, so it’s arguable that she was a lesser failure at that than she was as secretary of state. But that’s a whole series of columns for 2016, not today’s subject.)

Health care policy has been much on my mind these last 20 years, and I’ve had a lot to say about it.

What I’ve said has provoked considerable disagreement, which is understandable. Political questions, including health policy, are meant to be debated.

I mean, it’s not as if you’d want to lock a few people of a single political persuasion behind some office door in the Capitol, have them emerge weeks later with a phone-book-thick item of legislation reshaping one-sixth of the national economy and touching the life of every present and future resident of the country, and then tell you that you weren’t allowed to know what’s in it until you’d passed it. Would you?

To those who expressed disagreement, incredulity, scorn, derision, irritation, petulance, anger, rage, etc., at my criticism of what we now know as Obamacare as it was taking shape, and to those who only recently have begun to express wounded wonderment at learning that Obama himself has lied to them knowingly and repeatedly, I offer these words of consolation:

I told you so.

I know that people who quote themselves can be tiresome. I don’t do it often, but today it’s necessary.

Let me take you back to what I wrote in a few of those bygone columns:


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