Mark Levin Takes Down Martin Bashir

Yesterday, Mark Levin responded to one of MSNBC’s most loathsome host creatures (my apologies to “creatures” everywhere) for going on a repulsive rant against Governor Palin for having the nerve to speak about the national debt for what it is… A road to slavery:

Tony Lee wrote about Levin’s take-down here:

After letting his listeners know that Bashir said on his MSNBC show that Palin deserved this “dose of discipline” a Jamaican slave master leveled on his slaves, Levin said Bashir likely had delivered the “most disgraceful rant” yet against Palin.

“Hey tough guy. You like picking on women? You like picking on a mother and a grandmother?” Levin said to Bashir. “You strike me as not tough at all, if you get my drift.”

Levin then blasted the “pathetic little carbon footprint called MSNBC” for being so “offended with Palin” comparing the federal debt to slavery that they would allow such rants. He said the network should be called the “animal channel” or the “comedy channel.”

Levin said Palin was exactly right to compare the federal debt to slavery and nothing was offensive about it, since she was not making a comparison to chattel slavery.

Levin then said “his people,” the “Jewish people,” were slaves, and he did not for one minute think Palin’s comparison was made to “diminish Jewish people or the early days of the nation.”

Levin then called out women’s group like the National Organization for Women (NOW) for “never” coming to the defense of conservative women like Palin.

The only time groups like NOW speak out against this stuff is when they’re shamed into it. I don’t expect them to say anything about Bashir’s comments but even if they did, it wouldn’t be sincere.

We at C4P have one question for the little twerp (my apologies to “twerps”) at Obama’s favorite network… Do you think someone should also defecate in the mouths and urinate in the eyes of these Occupy protestors?

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