Naples, FL — Governor Palin Wins Over the Sunshine State (Still) – Update: Governor Palin Posts on Naples

In 2008, it was in Florida where then-VP candidate, Governor Sarah Palin brought out record-sized crowds.  In the following year, she again got massive turnouts for her Going Rogue book tour in places like The Villages, FL.

Well, a few years have passed and Governor Palin’s appeal to the Sunshine State is as strong as ever.

In what Holly Hojek of SW Florida’s NBC affiliate called a “frenzy,” hundreds of enthusiastic supporters of the Governor turned out for her at the Barnes and Noble in Naples, Florida.  As Hojek reports, the line “wrapped around” the store and folks began lining up the night before at 10PM.

This was day five of Governor Palin’s tour for her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas and throughout the week, the Governor’s previous appearances brought in similar turnouts.

Florida though remains a very critical state for GOP hopefuls and is often perceived as being unpredictable.  You’ll recall Mitt Romney and his supporters had to outspend his opponents there by 17-1 to achieve a win which certainly did not reflect that lop-sided financial advantage.

That’s why Governor Palin’s turnouts in Florida are telling.  They say a lot about the ability to connect to masses of diverse people without party machines in your corner or focus groups telling you what to say on the stump.

Deanna Victor, one of the supporters waiting in line reported that all types of people from bikers to older Americans, children, men, women, etc. showed up to meet the Governor.

So while we can probably only dream that the so-called experts in D.C. would take note of this, at least we know we’ll have good folks like the Tea Party and Governor Palin out there talking directly to Americans and having a massive impact in 2014.

Here is the news video: (h/t iizthatiiz)


Update by Stacy: Governor Palin posted the following on Facebook about her stop in Naples, Florida earlier today:


Great enthusiasm and insistence on a united team effort to protect the heart of America was in Naples! By the way, on this day in history in 1968, NBC cut away from the final minutes of the big New York Jets vs. Oakland Raiders game to begin the TV special, “Heidi,” so the movie would start on schedule. Meanwhile, the Raiders came from behind to beat the Jets 43-32! Now, as I mention in “Good Tidings and Great Joy” we didn’t have live TV in Alaska back then because of our young state’s unique location and rugged conditions, so that traumatic media distraction didn’t affect our day (we wouldn’t know of it until proceeding radio reports). But lesson learned.

We can apply this story to today’s political and economic climate with all the distractions and interruptions to what’s really going on behind the scenes as our freedoms are diminished day by day with the march towards socialized medicine, our government spying on us, the IRS targeting patriotic Americans, and the bloated federal bureaucracy and our exploding national debt hurtling out of control. But unanticipated outcomes do occur. The underdog does win!

Well that’s America today! We the People aren’t giving up; we “come from behind” and we win over this out of control government and political correctness run amok… all while attempts to distract ensue. Also, ironically on this day in history in 1800 Congress met for first time in the partially completed Capitol building. Look how far we’ve strayed since then from the Constitutional balance of power with Obama’s actions today.

So, on this fine football day, consider this day in history. Don’t let your guard down, America; don’t let their distractions take your eye off ball. As big government fumbles and penalizes us with broken policies and false promises, we must focus on the goal line and push for a come from behind victory! With a united team effort in 2014, we’ll win! It starts with great patriots like those we met yesterday in Naples, Florida, at the book signing and SarahPAC event.

She also posted some more photos of the stop here.

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