Obama: “We’ve reigned in spending”

There’s much in this clip to laugh at.  However, relatives are arriving and time is short. So I’ll only highlight this bit:

After years of trillion dollar deficits, we’ve reined in spending.

Near as I can tell, Obama’s making two claims with this silliness: (a) he’s put a halt to the trillion dollar deficits which preceded his regime and (b) he’s cut spending. Let’s look at the trillion dollar deficit claim first. Obama’s implying that, if not for his fiscal responsibility, we’d still be looking at trillion dollar deficits.  Just one problem with that:  There were no trillion dollar deficits until he became president.  And once elected, Obama ran up trillion dollar deficits for four straight years:



If you analyze the chart, you’ll notice that while the annual deficits temporarily dip below a trillion dollars, they soon resume their upward trajectory, primarily because President Responsible refuses to deal with the entitlement time bomb which is fueling them. ObamaCare will only add to the problem but Obama, naturally, considers the massive new entitlement to be a deficit reduction plan.

Obama also claims that he’s “reined in spending”. Let’s take a look:



I’m trying mightily to see where he’s reined in spending, but keep coming up short.  Can anyone help out? While you ponder that, click the image below to watch Obama explain just how fortunate we are as Americans to have a man with his fiscal vision to rescue us from our hitherto profligate course.


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